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What is the best time to take family pictures on the beach?

February 22, 2024

The beach is one of the most sought after settings for a photo session. This is because of it’s natural beauty, serenity and ever-changing light. Pensacola beach is mostly mild with days of blue skies and bright sun. But what is the best time to take family pictures on the beach?

Golden Hour: This is the period just after sunrise and before sunset. During these times the sun sits low on the horizon, casting a war, soft light that is so flattering for photos.

Sunrise light you will notice calm waters and wind and mostly deserted beaches. The lighting creates pastel colors, and as it rises long dramatic shadows. This can be a wonderful time for early risers or smaller kids that are fresh and full of energy in the morning. Another benefit is that is also a way to maximize your vacation time.

Sunset light is the most popular time for a beach photo session. As day draws to a close the sky will have a bunch of different colors. The colors range from bright yellow to fiery oranges to pinks to soft purples and blues. The warm gentle breeze of the wind and the waves creates such a relaxing tone to your photo session. Your photos will have so much warmth, and sun-kissed haze. This time of day for photos is a great way to take a splash in the water to end your day. If your littles can hold out this a a wonderful way to settle your kids as the day comes to its close.

What time of day do you think is best to take family pictures on the beach? Whether you choose sunrise or sunset for your next Pensacola beach family photo session I can assure there will be a backdrop of endless colors in the sure. I am sure you will love your photos.

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