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How to Have a Stress-Free Family Photo Session

April 5, 2023

The main focus for me as a Family Photographer is to make  your photo session fun, and Stress-Free as possible!

In life there are so many things to stress about, a photo session is the last thing I want you to have to worry about.

I totally get it, I know what you are thinking:

“ You don’t know my children”

They will not sit still”

“ My husband dislikes photos”

“My teen is annoyed by everything”

What will I wear that I like”

I really need to loose about 10 lbs”

I could go on and on with my list….

As a mom to 2 teens and a husband who has to live with a  photographer. I completely understand why you might be worried about your families behavior during your family photo session. 

And second as a woman, I deal with the same stress and worry.  I am the one who purchases 5 dresses for one photo session because I can’t make up my mind.  My family thinks because I am a photographer I only need to do one photo and bam we are done. I also know when people say don’t worry that is easier said than DONE!

Let me share  why you truly don’t need to worry about your families behavior during a photo session with me.

Seasons of Life

Did I mention that I am a mom of an 18 year old and a 16 year old? i have been through all the phases of childhood!  Every stage has its advantages and disadvantages but as one stage fades another appears and trust me you are going to want to remember them. Mushy kisses and tugging at you to be held will be replaced with don’t touch me except when I am in the mood!  Trust me when I say there is nothing you child can do or say that I have not seen or been through myself and it is okay! We are not perfect people nor do I expect your kids to be perfect, all I want you all to do is have fun while you are with me!

Family walking on beach-pensacola Beach photographer

Location is Important

If you had three small kids and you booked a session in a studio, well then that may stress even me out.  Where you decide to have your family photo session is very important.  Some ideas might be your home, where the kids are free to relax and be themselves. If everyone is in a familiar place with their favorite things it makes the session go more smoothly.  Another great location is the beach, the kids are free to roam and of course there is always the water to splash and play around in. 

Be Yourself

Relax and be yourself.  I want those real smiles, not those fake tongue behind the teeth ones. Nothing is more special then to capture your families real personalities no just the way you think you need to act. I promise you before long you will having so much fun with your family. This is how you can have a stress-free photo session and guess what you will now have some beautiful photos to treasure!

Are you ready for a session that is fun and relaxing? A photo session that you, your kids, and even your spouse will enjoy? 

Then you have found the perfect photographer! Contact me and let’s plan a session for you today!

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