Ann Mangum

 Beach Day  

Beach day is exactly as it sounds, these sessions are at the beach during the day.  Your photos will have a bit brighter look to them due to the bright sunny beach skys.  This is the session to bring your sunglasses, hats, causal clothes, and beach toys. Leave the rest up to me!! I will capture your perfect beach day while you have fun with your family. 

"Ann is a wonderful professional and person! She seems to have that knack to put everyone at ease and bring out the best in everyone at the shoot. She worked well with a larger family like mine and younger family with a baby we gifted a session to. They loved it! We love ours very much as well. Moments in time we will all treasure the rest of our days! Six Stars!"

The Goto Family

More Kind Words

Kind Words

Have you ever heard a song and it took you back to a sweet memory?  Pictures have a greater power to take us back to show all the little details!
Allow me to create those memories for you, just come as you are....  

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