Ann Mangum

Hey Ya'll I'm Ann,

 I'm a Pensacola Beach photographer. A wife and a mom of  two teenagers.  I'm a worrier by nature but a true romantic at heart. I make my bed everyday but the laundry sits for days before folding. Seeing the sunset makes me stop every time to marvel at God's creation. There is sand in most everything I own, but the beach lifestyle never gets old.
 Do you ever get that feeling that life is slipping by too fast and wish you could slow it down? If so you are in the right place, because I am going to help preserve your family memories.   

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   Sessions with me are a mix of posed and candid. I encourage play between families and lots of hugs. This allows everyone to show their authentic selves and I am able to capture some great smiles and genuine connections.   If I could tell you the thing I like most about my job it would be that I get to spend time with your family and create unique memories for your family to treasure.  

A session with me is...

Being genuine 
 Sessions with me are fun and playful.  It's okay not to look at my camera and smile.  If the kids are running around its okay I will capture their spirit.  If you feel unsure of how you all look, I am going to help show you that you are beautiful.

 All about You
I believe every family is unique, so no session with me is the same. My goal is to bring out your family's personality in a candid authentic way.

Can't wait to meet you to document  the story!!

My Favorite Things

Meeting new People

the beach

watching documentaries

My Passion

An extrovert for sure


My happy Place

About anyone


My weekly visit to TJ Max

Have you ever heard a song and it took you back to a sweet memory?  Pictures have a greater power to take us back to show all the little details!
Allow me to create those memories for you, just come as you are....  

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