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3 Tips For Booking Extended Family Beach Photo Sessions

January 19, 2023

So you know all of your family will be getting together in one place, this could be a vacation at the beach, someone’s birthday or just at Grandmas’s house for a summer weekend visit. Someone brought up the idea of booking a photographer to take photos but the thought of gathering all the details seems a bit overwhelming.

If you are wanting to do an extended family beach session, these 3 tips for booking an Extended family session will help make it go smoothly.

  • Book well in advance. A lot of the time family comes in last minute or has to leave early. So you want to make sure you get the date everyone is available.Trying to plan a large session with only a few days or a week to get everything coordinated is just too stressful and not enough time if the weather is bad or someone’s flight is delayed, or worse someone is sick.

  • Plan for the session to be a bit longer. The more people that are part of the session, the longer it will take. I never want any of my families to feel rushed, we will take the time needed to make great memories. Plus, we want to make sure there is time for those unposed and natural moments to be captured too.

  • Maybe choose one person be in charge of coordinating outfits. Pick 2-3 colors, and let a few people wear patterns. This will create depth and color without everyone matching too much. If every family unit has a few of the same colors mixed in, your whole group will look coordinated and put together. Avoid matching.

I hope these tips have been helpful and I will see you at your next extended family beach session.

extended family posing at Perdido Key Beach

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