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Mom and Daughter photo session-Ice Cream Shoppe

March 27, 2024

There is something so amazing about a mother-daughter bond, especially when shared over something cold and sweet. What a great way to capture these precious moments with a mom and daughter photo session at an ice cream shoppe? In this blog, we’ll talk about the joy and sweetness that such an experience can bring.


We chose a cute little ice cream parlor called the Ice Cream Shoppe located on Pensacola Beach. The pastel pink and white colored walls made it the perfect location for a mother/daughter photo session. We had previously created a Pin board for what they would wear to match the pink walls in the ice cream shoppe. This dress from Rainey’s Closet seemed to be the perfect choice to match mom’s pink tule skirt.

Excitement Begins

In this Mom and Daughter photo session they share their excitement of eating ice cream together and what flavor they will choose before going in.

Choosing Flavors

One of the first things captured is them standing in front of the ice cream counter. Pondering over the myriad of flavors available. There is so many flavors. Which flavor did they choose?? Stawberry shortcake and a mix of several.


It was certainly not hard to capture some wonderful photos because eating ice cream is such a fun thing to do together. The front of the store is filled with candy, chocolates and many flavors of ice cream which makes it so hard to know what to choose. The back wall has two cute little ice cream cone shaped chairs, this made it the perfect backdrop for a heartwarming photo shoot.

Making Memories

The photographs from the ice cream shoppe photo session serve as a timeless keepsake of love, laughter, and cherished moments. Whether displayed in frames around the house or treasured in a family album, these photos will always evoke smiles and warm memories.

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photoshoot at Ice Cream Shoppe

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