Ann Mangum

Documenting Memories with your Family- Pensacola Beach Photographer

May 1, 2020

Pensacola Beach has been closed since March 25, due to concerns of the Coronavirus. This has been so devasting to a town that most of the economy depends on tourism. As you can imagine anyone who lives here is an avid lover of the beach and with it being closed to all of us has certainly caused our spirits to fall a bit not being able to see the beach weekly. Upon learning that the beach would opening back up 30 minutes before sunrise, I knew I had to be there a sunrise, my feet were so wanting to feel that sand between my toes and watch the sun rise!! Now all I had to do was convince my family!! My husband was easy, he missed the beach as much as me and he could go before work, my teen kids would be harder to convince. As you know teens love to sleep so waking them up at 5:00 am in the morning was going to be a bit of a challenge. As I prepped them the night before, I told them its okay to just get out of the bed as you are just as long as you are present! I think they dragged themselves out of bed just to please me !! Oh well, it worked either way!! And maybe just maybe to catch a glimpse of the sun rise!!

It is some of my favorite memories when we are not all dressed up, posed or even have a plan, sometimes its not about having the perfect photos, but just about documenting our family memories. A special time that we can all reflect back on and say do you remember that time when mom made us all get up at the crack of dawn, the day the beach opened back up, wasn’t that cool!!

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