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How to include Older Siblings in a Newborn Session – Pensacola Area Photographer

May 13, 2020

One benefit of In-Home Newborn photography is that you don’t have to spend the whole time posing people and thinking of things for them to do. It’s more about guidance. This is great news if you have a newborn with siblings and you were wondering how the heck you were planning to get them in the photos with your new baby. Kids usually always love to the chance to get cozy in mom and dad’s bed and its an added bonus if mom and dad are there to play with them.

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You might find that a child is not really interested in cuddling their baby brother or sister for a photo. The best approach is to ease them into the baby. This may mean just some time alone to play without the baby, maybe jumping on the bed, anything that may let them have a little fun and break the rules a bit. Sometimes introducing a game or their favorite toy to the baby is a good way to capture a cute memories. Its not about the perfect photo but just capturing the moment of your children.

Ask them to point out where the baby’s tummy is, and ask them if they can tickle the baby’s hand. These tricks will give you a good chance of getting some really sweet photos.

Once they’re playing this game, you might find the game turns into some affectionate moments with some sweet love and kisses.

Giving the kids a break at this point is a great idea and just focus on mom and dad with baby. Start with Dad, I find that Dad’s are so good at calming the baby with their big arms and soothing voices! Once the baby is calm and relaxed, they hand the baby off to mom, the baby is usually asleep and then its easy to capture some sweet cuddles with Mom and baby.

Find a great spot of light to just focus on the baby with the time that is left. Feel free to unswaddle and get those little toes and body.

Lastly, at the very end of the session, you may find that one sibling wants to hold the baby just one more time, if this happens you can photograph either mom with sibling and baby, or sometimes even dad with sibling and baby for one last sweet moment.

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