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Why did I choose Photography- Gulf Breeze Photographer

April 24, 2020

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Why did I choose  Photography??

I think I have always been drawn to photography but for me it is the idea seeing a moment in time and capturing it to look back on and reflect what that time was like. Its a testimony to our time here on this earth. Through our photos we are not forgotten.

I remember my father-in-law being sick almost the whole time I knew him, for some reason I was that person always taking photos for the family. Some of those photos I took still hang on my in-laws walls to this day. It would not be until almost 7 years later after the passing of my father-in-law that my photography career would begin. But those memories of me documenting all of our family gatherings are just as precious to me as if I were standing there today with my point and shoot camera having no clue what I was doing.

Being able to provide other families with those same memories and a sense of connection to each other today brings me goose bumps every time I photograph. I love to have some fun along with making everyone feel loved. If any of my photos makes someone stop to remember a moment. I don’t ever want my photography journey to end!!

Messages from one of my Families:


I absolutely LOVE these pictures! I was crying looking at them! Pete’s mom, in Arizona, was also crying! You captured everyone so beautifully!

Good morning Ann,

Oh my goodness, these pictures are so priceless. They turned out beyond amazing and above anything I imagined! Thank you so much for these treasures. And thank you for being so patient with our wild boy to get the most perfect shots of him! You were so kind to all of us, I loved every minute of this fun session. I can’t wait to see the complete gallery! And I’m already looking forward to another photo session with you in the future, whenever that may be.
Thank you again,

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