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What is a Lifestyle Newborn Session? -Pensacola Baby Photographer

October 1, 2019

mom and dad with baby-pensacola family photographer-Ann Mangum Photography

What is a lifestyle newborn session? 

At-home lifestyle newborn sessions take place in the comfort of your own home and are about the connection and love been your new baby and each of your family members even your pets too! Having a new baby is a sweet time in a families life, one that passes so fast. Documenting loving cuddles with mom, dad, and siblings in the comfort of your own home are wonderful memories to be able to look back on for years to come. I find that these sessions work great for siblings and the new baby because they are not in a new space It has been my experience that kids warm up to the camera and to the baby better in their own home. There will also be plenty of time for photos of the baby alone; with plenty of cute expressions so don’t worry I will make sure to capture those too.

The session can take place in one room or in several rooms, I will arrive a bit early and look around the house for the best lighting. We can also take some photos outdoors as well if the weather permits. Do not worry about your house being a mess—you just had a baby! Don’t be surprised if I move some furniture around, I’m just working to get the best light in your home. I’ll put it all back where it was!

This Session is all about your baby, so your baby will lead our session.   Please do not worry about your baby crying or needing to eat during the shoot, that is the great thing about being in your home, if you need to stop to calm your baby, feed or change your baby then you just do it .   It’s usually a good idea to try and feed your baby right before the session so they’re sleepy and content.  Lifestyle sessions focus on capturing the relationship between your new baby and the parents and siblings.  This doesn’t mean that I don’t take individual photographs of the baby and also get some great detail shots of his/her little feet and hair, Feel free to incorporate any special family quilts, baby blankets, toys or stuffed animals that you would like to use in the photos. I can’t wait to meet you soon!!

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