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What should I wear for maternity photos? -Pensacola Photographer

October 10, 2019


Being pregnant is such a wonderful experience. Capturing this moment before your little one arrives is something a lot of women tend to overlook but is something just so magical about these sessions. You may not think so now but It is something that you will look back on and cherish for your entire life, because it is one just a few times in that you get to carry a precious life inside your body Your child will get to see that you loved them before they were ever born and what a wonderful special memory to give to them.

I get asked all the time what should I wear for my maternity session, here are some basic guidelines to help you get started. Some patterns make you appear larger while others tend to compliment your figure.


Try a knee length or a floor length maxi dress with a bit of soft or a more bolder color depending on your background. Some great resources are

If you are looking to rent a dress:

or locally at

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