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How should I dress for Beach Pictures?-Pensacola Photographer

September 6, 2019

I get asked all the time how should I dress for my photo session? This is such a great question!! The beach is a place where traditionally families and friends join together to relax and unwind so my first answer is something comfortable and fun!

grandparents with kids-Pensacola Family Photographer-Ann Mangum Photography

Wearing White is great but with our white sand and sometimes our white skies it is best to mix in other colors so you do not blend into the sand! Avoid wearing any bright or neon colors as they will create a color cast on your face. Mixing solids and patterns work nicely when it comes to guys and boys. Colors that work best are navy, aqua, teal, coral, green, gray, pink. Bold colors work great too like red, yellow, burgundy, and green.

kids-pensacola family photographer-Ann Mangum Photography

family by water-Pensacola Family Photographer-Ann Mangum Photography

family-pensacola family photographer-Ann Mangum Photography

mom with kids-Pensacola Family Photographer-Ann Mangum Photography

Things you avoid wearing to your session

Trendy Clothing

Large and bold Jewelry

Big Bows on Children

Neon Colors (They add color casts to your face)

Clothing that is too short or too low cut

Shirts with logos or graphics of any sort this includes the nike swoosh and other athletic apparel

Lotion, do not apply lotion before a session, the sand will stick to your body

Sleeveless dresses, tank tops if you have tan lines

The main thing is you are at the beach so go and have some fun hanging with your family leave the rest to me. You can’t control the heat, or the wind or even the ocean so embrace the ocean in all its beauty. You may want to bring an extra change of clothes and a towel in case you decide to frolic in the waves and don’t forget those flip flops.

jumping waves-Pensacola family photographer-Ann Mangum Photography

family in water-pensacola Family photographer-Ann Mangum photography

mom and baby in water-Pensacola Family Photographer-Ann Mangum Photography

annmangumphotography.jpg-pensacola family photographer-mom and daughter in water

Lastly don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun with your style!! Long flowy skirts and dresses work nicely not only because they are gorgeous on everyone but because of the wind and movement we have at the beach. Mix and match prints with solid colors to add depth and lastly just have fun being you!! Here is a Pinterest Page I have created with a few more ideas.

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