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What to wear ideas for beach photo session-Pensacola Beach

February 8, 2022

What we Wear:

We all have a style we love and colors we are drawn too. Some of us like really bold colors, others like really soft muted colors some are really into fashion while others just pull something out of our closet each day and hope for the best. You have now booked a family photo session, did you think about what we love may be the complete opposite of what our spouse loves or what our kids love. Now what about if you have decided to book a session with your extended family, that is now what I call a fashion Hot Mess.

I was speaking with a friend the other day and we were chatting about photo sessions and style. She reminded me that when it came to photos, she had no sense of style, that some people are great at Accounting, Therapy, Science, etc. You know you need to look cohesive but how to you put all the pieces together and not look like a fashion mess.

Photographing at the beach is so different than other photo sessions, you are ditching those heels and digging your toes into the sand Choose 1-2 simple patterns or 2-3 different colors in a color scheme. Mix in patterns with solids to balance out the photo. Choosing something fun, simple, and flowy that will move with the wind and match the movement of the water looks so amazing. Simple pattern and natural tones look best at the beach. I have included a few ideas on how to dress and still look amazing at the beach no matter your age.

Start by choosing a color scheme, select complimentary colors as you make your choices for each family member. For boys, babies and men Amazon, H&M, Old Navy and Target are great options, for ladies there are these stores as well as some of my favorites listed below. For more on what to choose and what not to wear see this guide below:







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ideas for what to wear for beach photos-Pensacola-Beach-Photographer

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