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How to Prepare for a Beach Photo Shoot

January 27, 2022

Preparing your family for a beach photo session

The beach has this amazing way of drawing people year after year beach to its beautiful seashore. You can walk along the beach on any day and find someone laughing and playing in the waves. Sometimes just admiring the last bit of sun with their loved ones. The gorgeous skies and beautiful sands of the beach makes a perfect backdrop for a photo session. Here are a few tips that will help you prepare for your next beach photo shoot.

Prepare for a more Natural Style Photo Shoot

  1. Part of being at the beach is to let go and have fun. Relax and put your toes in the sand, feel the salt air in your hair. This means being playful with your family, and doing such things as walking along the beach, holding hands or letting your kiddos run around. Maybe its just splashing in the waves or stealing a kiss from your spouse. Enjoy these sweet memories with your family.

  2. Plan for the Golden Hour Time

    The best time to photograph is when sun is closet to the horizon, the sun produces this amazing beautiful golden light that illuminates skin tones. This time may be just before your kids bedtime, plan for an earlier nap during the day or a longer nap, a low key day the day of your session or maybe a small sweet snack, like fruit snacks during the session to keep them up just a bit longer. Trust me you will not want to miss the light here.

  3. Choose Wardrobe that complements the beach

    Photographing at the beach is so different than in the woods or at the park. Ditch those heels and dig your toes into the sand! Choosing something flowy that will move with the wind and match the movement of the water looks so amazing. Simple pattern and natural tones look best at the beach.

  4. Don’t stress about the wind at the beach

    Most of the time the beach is windy, the wind adds visual movement to your photos. Keep your hair simple, pin back loosely, or in braids to help on those super windy days. Don’t spend alot of time fussing with your hair, loose curls are best. As your photographer it is my job to position you where you will look amazing even with the wind blowing. This is so you can feel confident in how beautiful you will look.

  5. Pack a Beach Towel and Extra Clothes

    I can’t tell you how many times clients tell me they have dinner plans after our session. They don’t want to go near the water or they don’t want their kids to get sandy! With a beach photo shoot you WILL get wet and sandy and that will create some amazing photos. So don’t forget to pack some dry clothes and a towel. You will be glad you did!

  6. Have Fun because after all you are at the beach

    Yes, I am saying this again! Go and have fun with your family! Too many moms worry over their sessions, thinking their kids will not act right or they will not look good. Go be happy and playful, when you do, you will find your family and kids will do the same. When you look back on these photos at the beach you will see nothing but fun, sweet memories

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