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5 Photo Options if Rain is Forecasted during your Photo Session-Pensacola Photographer

April 15, 2021

extended family on cloudy day at beach-pensacola family photographer-Ann Mangum Photography

One question I get asked a lot is what happens if it is forecasted to rain on the day of my session.

This does happen from time to time after all photographing outdoors will always put us at mother natures mercy. But I have a few tips that may help you think of different options you would not have thought about before.

  1. Rain comes quickly and leaves quickly

 If there is one thing I have learned living here on the Gulf Coast is the rain comes in quick and leaves just as quick. A storm will fast approach and drop rain and then afterwards we will have the most amazing skies. So if a family can be flexible about canceling their session I try and hold out as long as possible, monitoring the percentage of rain chance using the weather maps.

2.  Cloudy days make great lighting

 If the day is cloudy or overcast but not raining, there will be an amazing amount of diffused light available. This will allow photographing in the middle of the day without worrying about harsh lighting or shadows. If storm clouds are present they will add a sense of dimension to your photos.

3. If it does rain, there is always the option to make the most of it by using an umbrella.

A clear or a very colorful one that comes down over your head will look amazing in photos. Unless it is pouring rain, a few rain drops will enhance the depth of your photos. Look for areas shielded from the rain, such as overhangs, parking garages, alleys, even coffee shops. All of these are great areas for photos.

4. Move your session indoors or to a porch.

Using the natural light even on a rainy day will give you wonderful photos. Find a place inside with a large window that allows for a good amount of light to enter the room or open up the front door and use the light from outside to illuminate everyone. If there is a porch then that may also be another great option for some photos.

5. Lastly, sometimes you just had your heart set on having that sunny day, and if this is the case, then it is time to reschedule with your photographer.

In all of my sessions I consult with my clients on which one is the best option.

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