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What to expect from a Extended Family photo session-Pensacola Family Photographer

February 19, 2020

extended family on beach-pensacola family photographer

Pensacola Beach is such a wonderful vacation destination for families to gather together in one place. I get so many emails from families who would like to have a photo session while they are together. This is what you call an Extended Family Photo Session. These sessions can sometimes seem chaotic because there are several families involved that will be included . Each with different expectations and ideas of how they want their session to go.

I have found it best to make everyone feel included with a pre-session questionnaire. This helps me get a better idea of the breakdown of the family groups. Things like how many kids will be present and the must have photos the family wants. My favorite is to read the questionnaires. Some people are amazing writers and give lots of details about their families, while others give a short description but will send photos of their families. Some people have not been together since a wedding and others get together every year in the same place. This is an important part to preparing for the session because it really helps me manage a must have shot list for my families.

The session usually starts with the families with the youngest kids first and goes from there. Leaving time in for candid moments of whatever may be happening like dad walking with baby by the water, or grandma kissing her grand baby. As the session is almost done I do encourage splashing or getting into the water. After all its your own family so don’t forget to add your own flare to your session.

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