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Making sure you are in your photos- Pensacola Family Photographer

January 16, 2020

I think its so important that us moms make sure that we have photos of ourselves. I struggle with this myself, I am always the one taking the photos, telling my family as they groan lets take a photo so we can remember this moment. While they have these wonderful memories I am not in the photos with them. Lately I have pondered the question, how will my kids remember me?

Just when trying to take this photo of myself I tried to think of doing something in the photo I love but the truth is besides my family and my job, I could not come up with anything else but photography which is what I do truly love!! When not working I spend my time off reading about it, taking photos of my own family, trying to learn more, scoping out new places, (you may see me around town} and I could go on and on. It just seemed fitting for me to hold a camera in this photo and I even though I do not like feet I am barefoot half the time because I live at the beach. I try not to take myself serious because some day even though its not now I will look back on this one and love it!!
I hope this will inspire you to get in the frame more!!

girl with camera

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