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How to have a great beach photo session – Pensacola Beach Family Photographer

February 14, 2021

dad giving mom kisses on boardwalk-pensacola family photographer

When Clients book a session with me, I have them fill out a questionnaire, I feel that this is important to get to know each person I am photographing before I meet them. I like to know their names ahead of time and a little something about each person. This is my favorite part of all the administrative stuff that I have to do, because I love reading what each person writes, its interesting because some people share very little so its more like a a story that you have to unfold as you go and others share so much and you are so prepared for how the story will read. Some of the letters make me cry, others make me laugh, and others I am shaking my head with a big Ohh Yes!! I feel you!! I used to read them as soon as I got them, but then I got everyone all jumbled in my head so I started reading them the week of our session.

I love it when families just bring what they love to do with them to the beach and that is just what this family did, mom told me that one of her girls was artsy and the other was a gymnast and they both were outgoing and girly. I found that to be so true what she wrote, as I photograph them, I felt like this was this family on any normal day, dancing and drawing except here we were at the beach with the gorgeous sky and water!! I hope I have given them some wonderful memories to take back with them home to cherish their time here on the Beach!!

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