Ann Mangum

Letting Go and Making Memories-Pensacola Beach Family Photographer

July 18, 2019

family laughing at beach

To this very day evertime we go to the beach my kids run ahead of my husband and I leaving us with all the bags, coolers etc. They are so excited to see what lies ahead at the ocean. I can barely get sunscreen on them, especially my son, who sprays it on in one spot and then says “ Can I go now” As soon as I say “yes” he is off, followed by my daughter and usually my husband too. I am left to gather up all of our belongings that are scattered along the beach almost forming a line as they have walked the sand to the water! I feel that kids are the same way during a photo session, it does not matter that we have dressed them up in nice clothes, to them its all the same, they are so eager to get to the water or dig in the sand or just run and play. They do not want to sit or snuggle but they just want to explore and be free. During sessions I feel its important for the parents to just go with the flow and have fun with their kids, play games with them, and let go of those expectations that your kids are going to sit for a long time and I bet you will find their is magic that will begin to happen. You are making sweet memories that you will treasure with your family!!

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