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Why I love In-Home baby sessions- Pensacola Photographer

May 22, 2019

mom and dad with dad hands on baby- pensacola newborn photographer- ann mangum photography

Do you remember before you had any kids at all, thinking about the kind of mom or dad you wanted to be? I remember having all these ideas in my head , I thought, I am going to be a perfect mother, my child will be perfect and my life will now be perfect. My child will achieve every milestone on time if not early and everyone will be singing my praises as a mom. Well just how wrong was I?? Life certainly threw a curve ball. Diapers, up all nights, crying, food spilling, bottle cleaning, crying, oh did I say crying all ready!! it has been a crazy busy ride, but such rewarding one too. Then what did I decide to do, have a second baby, as if I forgot all about everything from the first time, oh forgot to mention, the weight gain!! But isn’t it just such an amazing crazy wild ride you want to be on?

I just love it when families tell me they want an In-home newborn session, its such a wonderful sweet time in your crazy journey of life, and it also lets me know that the parents have decided to embrace the craziness of where they are at in their lives and just enjoy being in the moment because it boy does go by way too fast . If you are thinking about an in-home newborn session I encourage you to explore this type of session as an option, you don’t have to worry about taking your family anywhere , the session happens right in your home, and don’t worry I will move everything if needed, you just come as you are. and how awesome is it to have these wonderful memories of your family in your own home, being a Family.

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