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Playful Family – Pensacola Beach Photographer

April 10, 2019

family holding hands at beach

Do you remember your first time to the beach? The smell of the salt air, the wind in your hair and feel of the sand between your toes!! And when you finally saw the water you could just sit and stare at it all day!!

Now you are thinking about a beach photo session because you enjoy all of the above just as much as I do and you want to preserve those memories and have your family present with you. My approach to a family session is that I want it to be stress free, I want you to enjoy this time you have set aside to be with your family. This is a time for you to be present in the moment and to let go and have fun with your family because let’s face it with we are not with our families enough!

If you have young children they will lead our session. It is normal for kids to be somewhat curious about me in the beginning and then quickly loose interest and when there is a great big beach ahead of them, who can blame them!! I will work to get the more traditional photos first and from there we will play some games and just have some fun and explore, yes mom and dad included in the fun!! If you feel led to splash around in the water or allow your kids too, I would love to capture these photos for you too, so be sure to bring a towel or an extra change of clothes if you desire. I can’t wait to meet you!!

What to bring:


Flip Flops

Towels or Change of Clothes (if desired)

Comfy Clothes

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