Ann Mangum

Fun Family Beach Session- Pensacola Beach Photographer

May 29, 2018

Family in Dunes at beach

 I like to give a questionnaire to all of my families to get to know them a bit better before I photograph them.  I love reading all the sweet and wonderful things they say about each other, its just a small glimpse into their lives.

How quickly does time fly and when you have 4 kids,  I can’t even imagine how you can get anything done and  savor every moment of what sweet precious time you have with them while they are little.  Elizabeth contacted me about a month out so I had enough time to prepare for our session.  I knew to keep everyone’s attention may be a bit of a challenge so I researched, and asked around and then finally I started to think like a kid.  I wrote down a bunch of games that I thought may be fun for the kids and keep them engaged with the family at the same time.  This would involve me running, and asking a lot of questions.  We did the usual running, jumping, and hugging things.  But we also drew in the sand, writing our names and played a bit of freeze!!  I think they liked running and chasing each other the most, and then they found this big hole that someone had dug so that was a great place to do show off their jumping and twirling skills.   Before I knew it the sun was setting low to the ground and it was time to go.  I love it when families are just able to relax and go with the flow of things and have a bit of fun.  Needless to say I slept well!! I hope to photograph them again soon.