Ann Mangum

Sweet Baby Girl-Fresh 48 Session, Pensacola Newborn Photographer

April 18, 2018

baby sleeping with pink bow

The Fresh 48 is such an awesome time to capture in your baby’s life because let’s face it, who remembers your time in the hospital, nurses and doctors coming in and out, family and friends visiting and you trying to get to know your new baby, its all a Blur!!  

When Courtney and I spoke about her fresh 48 session, I knew she was very excited about documenting the first 48 hours of her baby’s life, she seemed so excited to capture this sweet time. She returned every bit of paperwork and questions back to me as soon as I got it to her. They even had the baby’s name picked out well in advance her arrival. Now all there was to do was wait!!

Finally the call came, “Courtney has had the baby,” I remember anxiously driving to the hospital. With all my camera gear on my back I knocked on the door to meet this sweet family and their new baby Girl.  

I do believe I love photographing these fresh 48 sessions indeed!!

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