Ann Mangum

Beach Family Photography-Pensacola Family Photographer

November 14, 2018

family walking on beach- Pensacola Beach family photographer

My favorite time of the year to take beach photo sessions is actually in the fall of the year!! The weather here on Pensacola Beach is still warm but not as hot as the summer. The sunsets seem to radiant brighter orange, pink, and blue colors that make the sand even take on a slightly different tone.

This family travels to Pensacola Beach every year with their family just before the start of the school season, soaking up the last of the beach days. This year in the middle of their trip they got to experience a real life hurricane drill, by the grace of God we did not experience a hurricane in our area.

The beach is such a wonderful place to relax, explore and have fun. When you have a session with me we go on a bit of adventure playing games along the way to keep the kids entertained, we explore every part of the beach from the dunes to the water. We hunt for shells, run, twirl, jump, and even sometimes splash in the ocean.

I don’t want anyone to leave my sessions feeling like they don’t have some part of the beach to take back home with them.