Ann Mangum

A Girl and Her Art- Gulf Breeze Photographer

January 20, 2017

A girl and her art!  

When I asked Reese if I could come and photograph her studio, she was more than gracious to let me come into her space.  I was very excited not only because I totally love her art but because I was feeling a little less than creative and thought an artist was just the person I needed to see to get some inspiration. When I arrived her two daughters gave me a wonderful tour, her studio was just how I had imagined, paint everywhere and she had art scattered about, and even one that she had started that morning. She told me she loved candles and she had various lighting thru out her space.  I loved reading all of her inspirational sayings, bible messages, etc that were everywhere you looked, I felt calm and safe.   It was just what I needed, you will see from my photos I did not move anything in her space but rather tried to capture the story Reese and her art, and what a beautiful story it is..  

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